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To help you review and remember the usage of certain French verbs and words, we created a series of flash cards.

Teachers hear the same typical mistakes that are being said often due to false friends (a French word that looks awfully close to the English word but differ significantly in their meaning), or due to literal translations.

If they are useful to you, we suggest that you place them into a file and review them often.

We added an audio link so that you can repeat the sentence
and work on your pronunciation skills.

1) Introduire ou présenter
Ne dites pas

Listen here / Ecoutez ici
Présenter is the verb you want to use each time you’re introducing someone.
Introduire means ‘to insert’, for example: J’introduis la carte mémoire dans mon ordinateur (I’m inserting the memory card in my computer).

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2) Place ou endroit
Ne dites pas

Listen here / Ecoutez ici
Un endroit is the word you want to use to indicate any 'place', whether it is a city, a place in the city, a place in a house, a place at work, a place on your office desk, etc....
However, there are a few reasons to use
the French word "une place" :
1. For a seat in a theater, a concert, etc.
Example: Une place de cinéma: a seat at the movie theaters
2. For the square in a city or village
Example: La Place du Marché
3. For expressing space/room for something or a person
Example: Est-ce-qu'il y a de la place pour mes bagages ?
(is there room for my luggage?)

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