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French teacherLearn French at Home was created in August 2004 by a French native teacher and by a French professional in the communication field who both understand the challenges of learning another language and the difficulties of settling in a different culture. After many years of experience in teaching French in different countries, the creators of Learn French at Home designed a French learning programme to assist any individual who wishes to learn French from their home.

Statistics show that knowing the language is an important factor for a successful settling in a foreign country but time constraint or inefficient programmes will discourage people from learning. This is the main reason why Learn French at Home was created: To give the possibility for people to learn the French language starting at their current level, from anywhere at almost anytime, at their speed, towards a defined objective. Whether it is for social or professional reasons, Learn French at Home has assisted hundreds of expatriates living in France and in Switzerland to gain a comfortable French level in order to experience and fully enjoy the everyday life activities in the country. Every French learning course is customised to the learner's objectives. Personalisation and continuous feed-back contributes greatly to a successful language training session and the programmes at Learn French at Home are based on these 2 factors.

The programme has also been created to teach anyone who has a personal interest or simply a desire to learn the language.

Since the Learn French at Home programme takes place in the student's home, it is available in any country of the world. The teachers are located in France, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and USA. Today we have students enrolled in the program who reside in France, Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Lavtia, Australia, Japan, Liberia, Singapore, China, Russia, the Philippines, etc.

The students at Learn French at Home are experiencing real and satisfying results through an enjoyable and professional learning experience. With a friendly teacher and a unique personalised online programme, the students will gain the skills needed in order to speak French with spontaneity and understand it with confidence.

Since August 2004, more than 3 000 students have trusted our French learning courses!

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