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Our French teachers are native speakers who have gained a higher degree of education and/or a teaching degree. Equally as important, they are patient, good listeners and work hard at personalising their lesson plans to the student's objectives and pace of learning. In addition, their kind personality, sense of humour, and flexibility create a true positive learning environment. Since all of them have gone through the personal experience of acquiring at least one foreign language (they are all proficient in English); they truly understand the learning process needed in order to achieve the language goals. Most of our teachers are located in France or in Switzerland which will add a cultural aspect to the French lesson. We work as a team, we share our teaching ideas and we have access to the same teaching material.

French teacher Bonjour à tous ! You want to learn or improve your French? Let's share this adventure together! My name is Laure and I was born near Paris. I earned my Masters in French as a foreign language at the Sorbonne University. I started by giving French lessons in different schools, associations and at universities. I've been teaching French for 9 years and it's a passion for me! Communicating my knowledge about the French language, learning about the different cultures around the world but mainly meeting new people is very enriching. I enjoy travelling but I didn't resist to the South of France's sun and sea! So, this is where I decided to settle. I was attracted by the flexibility and the spontaneity of teaching online which gives me the opportunity to improve my teaching. I would be happy to help you with your French through fun, motivating and enthusiastic lessons while adapting to your pace and your needs. A bientôt !

Carine S.
French teacherBonjour ! I’m Carine and I live in Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne, not far from Lyon. I’m originally from Isère but moved to Canada at an early age. It was a wonderful adventure and after studying (B.A. French) and working near Toronto as a French teacher I decided to come back to France. There’s just nothing like home! I enjoy teaching very much and meeting new students from all around the world is a very enriching experience. Whether you want to learn French for work or for fun, I am there to help you through every step of the way and achieve success. Let’s get started!

Vincent L.
French teacherBonjour ! My name is Vincent. Let me introduce myself a bit so that you will know about me, then decide if you are interested in meeting on Skype for french lessons. First of all, you have to know that I am a french native. I was born in the North of France, grew up in the South -in Provence- then spent time in Paris before studying at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Political Sciences) in Toulouse (South West) and finally came back to Paris where I lived for years and worked in the photo industry, mostly as art director. In between I had travelled in Brazil where I took photos. It actually is a long story that I may tell you one day if you are interested to know more... Then I had a professional opportunity to move to Ireland. I seized it and have been living in county Kerry since then. It has been thirteen years ! Now, what drove me to teach french ? Well, it is very simple : one day I woke up and asked myself «What would you be able to do in order to pass on part of your knowledge to people ? ». As I have travelled extensively in my life (North and South America, Africa, Europe, and also lost remote places on the globe...) it turned obvious to me that language would be the tracks to follow. Therefore I did what I had to do : I trained with the Alliance Française (Paris – Dublin – Limerick) to become a qualified french native teacher. Over the last couple of years, I have taught french as a foreign language to groups of adults from various backgrounds and levels. I have also taught french to students. I must say that it has been a real pleasure so far. Teaching is about meeting people and sharing. I am not expecting more than that. Time to end this presentation has come. I just wish to talk to you soon ! Thank you for your attention.

French teacher
Bonjour à toutes et tous! My name is Marie, I live in a city called Rennes, Brittany, a part of France where even rain is beautiful.
I was born and grew up in Normandy until I turned 18 and moved to Rennes to study. I graduated in French Literature, French as a Foreign Language and Language science. After graduation, I worked as a teacher of French, mostly with immigrants workers and expatriates, but also with native French speakers seeking improvement. I later moved to Paris for new job opportunities, and in 2014, I decided to leave everything behind and travel the world, which I did during an entire year. I went to Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan) and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand). In 2015, I settled in Barcelona and started to teach French again, this time as an independent tutor, doing one-to-one sessions. I recently moved back to Rennes - one always comes back to their first love, as we like to say in French! But traveling is in my veins, and teaching French is a way to keep feeling the road.
I am a language lover and I can spend hours debating over words choice, grammar rules or punctuation, while at the same time I love to make things simple and easy.
Whether you want to learn French or improve your practice for an exam, for work, for travel or just because you like this language and want to know more about it and French culture, I will be more than happy to adapt your needs and goals. I will also help you clarify them if unclear. We can also deal with any current or past feeling of block or discouragement.
I like the class to be a nice and relaxed moment while working. It's important for me that we have a good connection first, because when trust is established, you want to talk more and there are no limits to improvement!
I hope to meet you soon! A bientôt!

French teacherHello, my name is Tania and I currently live in Neuchâtel, the French speaking part of Switzerland. Once I received my teaching diploma at the age of 20, my whole life was built around teaching…. all over the world!
I first taught in primary and secondary schools in Africa, the United States, Canada and Europe and then began teaching French to adults.
Discovering different cultures and languages around the world helped me to understand what a student has to deal with while learning a new language but also what a person might have to go through as an expatriate in another culture.
The numerous ways of learning have always been captivating to me; this is why I finally ended up studying psychology and educational sciences at university.
Trying to individualize lessons, encourage self-confidence and motivation for learning but also mix pleasure, work and sharing seem to be the perfect « cocktail » for progressing in learning. It's a challenge that I strive to reach ! I feel very lucky to have the opportunity of mixing both passions of mine : meeting new people from all over the world and teaching. I really hope to share this happiness with all my future students!
I would also be very happy to host you in my home to give you more opportunity to practice your French. Have a look at my immersion programmes offer.

French teacher
Bonjour à tous, I’m Alexia !
I was born in Lyon but I spent most of my young years in Chamonix in the Alps.
After studying Psychology, Law and Criminology at the University in France, I lived for almost three years in Ontario, Canada, where I had the chance to teach French and English to both children and adults. It was a real pleasure and also a challenge to help people learn one of the richest and most complex of the languages! I know for sure how difficult it can sometimes be to learn a second or third language but once the step is made, it is so amazing to share with people and discover another culture through a total different angle. We usually understand at this time that studying was a true investment on the long run!
I’d be really happy to help you in this great journey! Thanks to Skype, we have a lot of flexibility, so let’s study together to your pace and your needs! Cheers!

French teacher
Bonjour ! My name is Caroline. I'm a French native from Paris where I spent the first twenty years of my life. I studied the british culture and litterature and decided then to become a school teacher. But my passion for travelling little by little became essential. That's why I decided to keep studying languages and completed a master in FLE (French as a Foreign Language). Once done, I left my country two years ago to discover the world thanks to my job, what a dream ! I've taught French in Portugal, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia and currently I'm teaching in Canada, at the Alliance française of Toronto as well as teaching with Learn French at Home.
My job ? It's a passion !! I try my best to make French fun and easy. I know how hard it can be learning another language. I speak English and Spanish and feel sometimes tired and frustrated because of my mistakes or my lack of vocabulary. But that's part of the job ! Teaching with Skype is a great opportunity for everyone. It's flexible and original. Don't be shy and try the experience with us... I would be happy to meet you ! A bientôt :)

French teacher
Bonjour, my name is Marion and I am a French native speaker. I was born near Paris and I grew up in different cities in the Champagne Ardenne region.
From a young age, I visited many different regions in the South because I have family there. There are a lot of things to see and a lot of differences in each region. In my mind, my understanding of the French regions makes me an asset. It’s something that I’m excited to bring to my students.
I have a Master in Heritage and Culture. I worked in different sectors: contemporary art center, bookstore, publishing and also community management. After having spent several years searching for what I wanted really to do, it became clear that I wanted to communicate  my knowledge and to share it with others. Teaching is a passion for me because it’s transmitting something, bringing something new to someone, and also sometimes helping someone. I’m convinced that encounters in the educational sphere are essential and can guide a person’s life history and create that.
I did a year of teaching in primary school, from 1st to 5th grades. For the past few years, I've been specializing in teaching French as a foreign language. Now I teach each day by Skype so that I can have students worldwide. I start with complete beginners (I speak English which is helpful at the beginning) and I lead the students to a level C1 expert.
I truly enjoy communicating my knowledge, I’m very involved in the preparation of my courses. I always take a first step to analyze the difficulties and to find the best ways for each student in order to fill their needs. After having spent 9 months in New York, I am now living in Strasbourg.

French teacher
My name is Anastasia and I am originally from Perpignan.
Perpignan is a city near the Spanish border where people over there enjoy 300 days of sun per year!! 
I have been teaching French for 8 years.I have always enjoyed learning languages, and I also like teaching languages by planning goals and finding creatives ideas to learn the language faster. I speak English, Spanish and Danish. I also have some knowledge of Hungarian and Japanese.
I always teach with an idea in mind = to be the teacher I always wanted to have. Most of the time, the way to learn a new language and the person that teaches us have an influence on the learning process. To be motivated with creatives ways to learn.  To practice the language in an effortless way. All of it is very important. Learning should always be fun and I have learnt all the languages above in this way.
 I am a certified yoga teacher as well, I'm passionate about personal development and I love coloured skies.

French teacherBonjour, my name is Marie. I live and was born in Paris. I grew up in Normandy. I studied theater, cinema, photography and cooking. I learned English by living in sunny California for a year after high school. I traveled a lot around the world with really good excuses: to shoot a movie, to learn a language, to make a photographic series. What I enjoy the most is to share experiences and learn new things with curious and open-minded people. I studied in Grenoble and in Arras to be a French teacher. I would love to share my French and find ways for you to learn & enjoy at the same time

 French teacherHi! I am French and I am living in Rennes, Brittany.
I was born in Brittany, grew up near Paris, but ended up spending most of my adult life abroad.
I did a TEFL Teacher Training Course in a school in London called International House in 1994, and have been teaching French as a second language ever since, apart from a spell as a roofer after returning to France in 2007 after 12 years in London.
I have been teaching students in adult education as well as university or privately, in class or in companies ( Sony, Eurostar, Amnesty International).
More recently I have been doing tutoring at home mostly to Japanese children of expats who are in the French school system, and worked for 6 months for a Japanese online school. I have this Japanese connexion through my wife, who is … Japanese. 
I was a bit sceptical at first about the possibility to do a proper lesson armed with just a keyboard and a screen as teaching material, but I changed my mind quickly as it turned out to be a great teaching tool, and the flexibility of using Skype is so good.
Otherwise as a teacher my objective is for the student to come out of the lesson thinking "I have learned something today, and I have enjoyed myself", and if I am pretty certain that that was the case then I feel I did my job well.
Anyway, it would be great to help you improve your French experience, in order for you to reach your objective: whether professional, or to deal better with daily life in a French speaking country, or simply to prepare a trip to France.
A bientôt!

French teacherBonjour, my name is Celine and I am a French native. I was born in Lyon and I studied in France, Switzerland and the United States where I earned my high school and university diplomas. I grew up learning 2 languages and I have been teaching for the past 8 years to different age groups and nationalities. Learning a language is an ongoing challenge and I enjoy working continuously on improving the effectiveness of my language teaching skills. Through experience, I have come to the conclusion that personalized lessons are essential in achieving significant results, as they provide the elements and confidence needed in order to progress. To me, this is the key to language learning success. In addition, the lessons should be taught in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere where positive reinforcement is constantly used.
I am completely bilingual and bicultural which gives me the advantage of being able to communicate fully with the student in either language. Having been through it myself, I understand the process, as well as the frustrations, of learning another language. Teaching is for me much more than a profession: it's a passion, and I will never stop searching for the most positive and effective ways to bring results and confidence to my students.

 French teacherBonjour!  My name is Aude and I am 28. I was born near Paris but I now live in Toulon, on the French Riviera. I have spent the last 4 years in England where I taught French. I speak English fluently and I have a Master’s degree in English and Cultural Studies and a B.A. in History of Art and Archaeology.
My students often tell me that they love my insight on French culture (as I have learned to observe it from their point of view). This historical and cultural knowledge helps them a lot when they are in France or interacting with French persons, but also when they take exams like the DELF or DALF. I teach all levels and ages as I am very adaptable. I like creating tailor-made lessons and doing several activities during a lesson so that students can work on all their skills and stay interested as well as motivated. I am very friendly and funny, always smiling and positive. Combined with a strong academic background, a keen attention to detail, and a structured and efficient way to approach grammar and pronunciation, I thinks it creates the perfect balance for you to progress. I hope to see you soon, and if by any chance you happen to be a user of Duolingo, it will be a pleasure to follow you and help you keep motivated to practice French every day! Good luck with your French!

French teacherHello, my name is Audrey. I was born in Valence, a small city in the south east of France but now I live in Montpellier which is much more dynamic. I studied English at the university but also French as a foreign language. I have been teaching for 10 years now in many schools and associations. I really enjoy teaching because I think that sharing is the essence of communication. It also gives me the opportunity to learn about the different cultures around the world.
I'm constantly trying to improve my teaching skills in order to satisfy the needs of my students. Internet is a very useful tool to experience new methods. I hope you enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching !

French teacher
Bonjour, my name is Virginie and I was born in Narbonne, a town in the south of France. I moved to Montpellier to study french linguistic and teaching methodology. I'm still living here nowadays because I can't do without the sun and the sea. I love travelling and discovering new cultures. I have been teaching French for 7 years in different schools. I enjoy very much helping others learn French! I am dynamic, patient and fun. I think communication is the most important aspect in teaching a language. For this reason, I organise interesting and fun lessons and I can adapt them to the student's needs. I'm looking forward to meeting you as soon as possible.

French teacherBonjour, my name is Marianne and I was born in a small village in the French speaking part of Switzerland, not far away from Gruyère. At the age of 20 with my primary teacher diploma in my pocket, I thought that I would spend my whole working life teaching in a primary school in my region. It didn't happen exactly that way. I taught French at a language school in Vaduz, worked as a secretary in Zürich and finally I made a career change and went into IT where I worked in the training and support areas. I learnt German, English and I even tried “computer language” for my profession and also for pleasure. I enjoy learning and I think that it should be an enjoyable and exciting activity. Time flies when you enjoy learning. My objective would be to explain the essence and characteristics of the French language and motivate you by making the lessons entertaining and fun. What is your aim? I look forward to making the journey with you in a relaxing atmosphere, whether you are learning French as a beginner or brushing up on your French language skills.

French teacherBonjour, my name is Corinne. I was born near Paris and I am a French native speaker.
After receiving my Master Degree in Foreign Languages at the university, I got the opportunity to live in different countries (Frankfurt in Germany, Brussels in Belgium and Chicago in the USA) where I was teaching French to various age groups (from kids to adults, in private schools or public university). I also learned German and Spanish.
I enjoy very much discovering new people and cultures, adapt myself to a new environment, and teaching languages have always been part of my life. I spend all my energy to adapt the teaching to each student in order to motivate him by giving a lively lesson where you can express yourself in French. My goal is to make you progress effectively in this language, even if it can be quite challenging for you sometimes….This way of learning through Skype allows people from all over the world to develop knowledge on many cultural aspects of their lives, languages, and it is a wonderful opportunity ! I hope you will enjoy it as well, et je vous dis à très bientôt !

French teacherBonjour, my name is Vincent and I was born in the French Alps. I have travelled in many countries and besides France, I have lived in England, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand and the USA. I have worked for many years in the hospitality and travel business and later in the communication and education fields. I have a true passion for travelling and discovering new countries and cultures and have thrived on my experiences of living in different foreign lands.
I understand perfectly well the difficulties and frustrations you can encounter when you start a new life in a foreign country. I truly enjoy teaching French as well as talk about the French culture and help the newcomers adapt and settle in their new country. I really enjoy the one to one lessons teaching which gives me the opportunity to adapt my lessons contents to the students' level and needs. I'm looking forward to meeting you very soon.
Alors, à bientôt!

Carine L.
French teacher Bonjour ! My name is Carine. I am a French native speaker originally from Rouen in Normandy. I spent most of my childhood and I had my Master's degree in French Studies there. I moved to Montreal (Canada) in 1998 where my interest for languages and cultures became obvious. I first taught at the primary level and then moved to Toronto (Canada) where I taught at the intermediate and secondary levels in some private schools. Through those experiences I built a strong knowledge and expertise of the French language learning process. I started in 2008 teaching French to adults for some several private companies in Canada. Now I enjoy very much teaching online on a one to one level. It gives both the teacher and the student a great flexibility and focuses on individual needs and objectives. I think deeply that private lessons are the best way to learn quickly and effectively. It is always a great pleasure for me to discover some new personalities with some specific demands regarding the acquisition of the French language. The challenge that I like very much is to adapt my skills and experience to the needs of each individual. My job is a passion and I look forward to share my expertise of the French language with you ! A bientôt !

French teacherBonjour, my name is Josette. I am a French native speaker, bilingual in French and English, and I live in the USA two-thirds of the year and in France , where I grew up, the rest of the time. My education has always been focused toward language learning and teaching; I have studied both in France and the USA and completed teaching degrees in both countries.
I have taught French, English, ESL, EFL to students of all ages and all parts of the world, at all levels. I also have taught Spanish. I love teaching languages and I notice repeatedly that my own learning continues because I invent new ways to approach the different situations, different needs and different learning styles my students bring to class. My years as a learner of a second language and my experience as an expatriate help me understand what my students go through. For me the key to learning another language is regular practice, confidence built through success and using what you are learning; of course adding a dose of humour encourages self-confidence and strengthens student-teacher relationship. I find teaching individualized lessons very rewarding because each session is so focused on students' goals and needs. I look forward to each lesson and hope to meet some of you on Skype. Bonne chance et à bientôt!

French teacherBonjour. It's Aline here. I'm very happy to meet you and welcome to Learn French at Home! A bit about me, I'm French, born and raised in north of France (Dunkirk) until I decided I wanted to see the world! So I went to India a couple of years, Canada then US. I finally decided to settle in Montreal for a few years. Learning other languages made me reflect on my mother tongue. And I got that question : what would be the most efficient way if I had to teach it? That's pretty much why I went back to the University and started studying French teaching. I got my bachelor degree from University of Rouen in Normandy. I've been teaching for more than 5 years now and I really love it. I always have a great time with my students. I really want to focus my classes on their needs to achieve their goals. I will be very happy to meet you soon and I'm impatient to start our classes. A bientôt!