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French course for children description here  
Regular course for 2 description here   Writing French course description here

Conversation session programme

French online, French classes, French courses onlineThe distance learning approach greatly enhances the comprehension and expression level of the student. With the webcam and the chat board of Skype, the student and the teacher are in a comfortable class setting where the interaction between the two is clear and lively. The Skype chat board is used like a black board in a classroom , the teacher uses it to write the new vocabulary, expressions and corrections.

Every French conversational session is structured and personalized to the student's level and pace of learning - they are performed in a fun and stimulating atmosphere with an encouraging, experienced teacher!

Each Conversation Session takes place on Skype with a teacher who is a French native speaker and lasts for 50 minutes.

During the Conversation Session, the teacher will gently correct you as you speak and will type any new vocabulary, expressions and corrections on the Skype chat board. The teacher will motivate you to express your opinions, your thoughts, will debate with you, will have you answer and ask questions, will work on your pronunciation, will encourage you so that you can express yourself in French with more fluidity and up-to-date expressions. After each session, the teacher will send the Skype chat board notes of the conversation to you via email.

Note that the Conversation Sessions do not include any homework. Also please note that the sessions will include some light grammar revision when needed; however, if you have not learned the basics of French grammar or if you need some real review, then we would ask you to first register for a package of Regular lessons. Another option is to sign up for a package of Conversation sessions and a package of Regular lessons and alternate your lessons between the two programmes.


For anyone who has a level of fluency in French (intermediate or advanced) who wishes to practice their verbal expression, improve their comprehension skills in a structured class. You will be gently corrected while speaking in order to gain better oral fluency. Every session lasts 50 minutes.

After registering with a pack of lessons and collecting information about your French level and your learning objectives, a teacher will contact you to arrange with you a 50-minutes French session at a day and time most convenient for you.

The session will take place via Internet on Skype. Before some of the sessions, the teacher may instructional material to you such as an article, a picture, a story or a role play to perform which will be used as a conversation topic during the lesson.

At the end of the lesson, you will schedule your next lesson date directly with your teacher.

After the lesson, the teacher will send the notes that were taken during class time in a Word file for you to review.

EXTRA: In addition to the lessons and the homework and in order to practice your French on a daily basis, you will be able to join our forum and answer the"Question du Jour" in French. After you've responded, the teacher who posted the Question will read your response and post any corrections on the forum- this way, you will continue to receive ongoing feedback on a daily basis. There is no extra fee for this service.

The cost per lesson decreases depending on the number of the lessons purchased. Your teacher will customize each lesson with topics of interests that can motivate you. You are receiving real value for your money with an individualized programme that allows you to make significant progress on a weekly basis.

The minimum commitment is 4 lessons. If your goal is to make significant progress, we would encourage you to sign up with a bigger package as you'll benefit from lower prices.

If you already know that the Conversation sessions is the right choice, then you can directly book a package here below. Once you've paid for your pack of lessons, please fill out the contact form and inform us of the pack that you've purchased. We'll get back to you within a few hours to confirm your purchase and to set you up with a teacher.

If you prefer to speak with a Language Advisor first, please fill out the contact form and we'll set up a date and time to speak with you within 24 hours.

IF YOU REGISTER TODAY, YOU'LL RECEIVE AN 8% DISCOUNT ON ANY PACK OF 8 LESSONS OR MORE! Please chose the currency according to your current residency.

Once you've paid for your pack, fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you within a few hours:

Packages 4 pack

$36 each
10 pack lessons

$34 each

8% off
22 pack lessons

$33 each

8% off
35 pack lessons

$32 each

8% off
For European residents

120 €

257.60 €
instead of
280 €
546.48 €
instead of
594 €

837.20 €
instead of
910 €
For UK residents

£ 104

instead of
instead of
instead of
For Swiss residents

CHF 160

instead of
CHF 748.88
instead of
CHF 1159.20
instead of
1 260
For USA / Canada and Latin America residents

USD 144

instead of
instead of
instead of
*Africa and South-West Asia: price in US$
*Other countries: price in euros

Each session includes:

  • A personalized 50-minute conversational session via Skype. Material sent by the teacher before the lesson.
  • Notes of the lesson.
  • A "question du jour" in French asked by a teacher in our Forum - Every reply from the student is corrected by the teacher.

French Accent Magazine

Along with the Conversation Sessions, we  encourage you to subscribe to the French Accent Magazine. The teacher will use it to work with you during the lesson time. The Magazine is published every 2 months and contains up-to-date language and articles on social, cultural and political topics. The unique concept of French Accent is that many of the articles contain numerous audio files for listening to everyday life scenarios, vocabulary, songs and other features. For more information or if you wish to subscribe, please click here.

Do not hesitate to contact us by either filling out the contact form or sending an email to us.

French course for children description here  
Regular course for 2 description here   Writing French course description here
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