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You should know that I am very picky when deciding to recommend someone. I am extremely happy with Audrey, and the courses over skype. It has helped me so much and I can see improvement almost daily. In fact, I am progressing much faster than some of my colleagues who are in face-to-face group lessons. So thanks to you and Audrey for that!!! Of course, I will continue to recommend to anyone who may need a flexible, one-on-one opportunity to learn French. Thanks to you!!! Kindest regards, Robby "

Robby Collins in Lausanne, Switzerland
"Also, just to tell you how much I have enjoyed the lessons (never thought I'd say that about learning another language!). Virginie explains everything so clearly and in such a way that it sticks, although I still have a problem with some sentence construction but I'm getting better.
My husband and daughter, who are much more fluent, are surprised how well I've progressed, so I'm looking forward to practising for real in France over Easter."
Mata in UK

"I require an advanced level of French for work. I have studied French with several teachers, but find Learn French at Home to be the best in terms of quality and value for money. In the past, I had found that not every school, (including those that are rather expensive) is able to effectively teach French.
My experience, however, with Learn French at Home has been very positive. M. Benjamin is an excellent teacher. I am impressed with how unique and personalized the teaching methods are, particularly the scenarios which force me to speak French outside the basic conversational topics that I am very familiar with. The lessons are also lots of fun and the time flies by. The combination of homework, weekly lessons and the daily questions on the French at Home website mean that I study French and use what I learn everyday. I would definitely recommend Learn French at Home to anyone seeking to improve their French."
A.Mohan, Charlottetown, Canada
Hope you are well. I came back from Paris last week but have been busy. When I was in Paris, my friend who helped me purchase the apartment was stunned with my French. He said that he could not believe how much I have improved. When I visited the restaurant with him, the waiter asked him if I came from a ‘Francophone’ country. I cannot tell you how pleased I was to get such good endorsement from my friend. I went to Darty, the electronic store, to investigate microwave and dishwasher for the apartment. It had to fit into our cabinets and needed to be installed by professional installers as they are complicated. When I asked the store specialist if she spoke English, she said no. Then I said I will try to speak in French. When I started talking to her, she was very happy to see my attempt and went out of her way to help me. At the end, she said that my French was better than her English.  She wanted to make immediate delivery for me and rush the order. Unfortunately, I was leaving the next morning and could not stay back. She told me to contact her before I get to France next time and she will arrange everything.
I cannot thank you enough for your support and genuine help. I have had many French teachers but you are a cut above the rest in every aspect.  I got to the apartment at 5:00 PM and visited Galleries Lafayette and Darty and then met with the contractor and dinner with my friend. I did as much as I could in 6 hours and left my apartment at 5 AM the next day. It was rushed but productive due to your help in my French. I am more rejuvenated  and looking forward to continuing our association for a very long time. Thanks for everything.
Robbie in Chicago
"Bonsoir Audrey, j'ai reçu aujourd'hui les résultats du DELF B2, et..... j'ai bien réussi ! J'ai eu 24 points pour l'oral! 
Les sujets étaient: 
- Faut-il limiter et contrôler l'usage de mobile, SMS et internet chez les adolescents? A quelle manière? 
- Un concierge dans les entreprise pour les cadres supérieure qui peut organiser des choses privées, comme un cadeau pour l'anniversaire d'épouse, faire des courses etc. Est-ce que c'est une bonne idée?
J'ai choisi le premier sujet. Je suis très contente :-). Merci de ton aide !"
Hanneke Steuten in the Netherlands

French lessons

"Andres has tremendously improved his French. He is now participating in class and laughing more with his friends. It seems he is understanding the conversations around him better. So, kudos to you!  I think we are on the right path in helping him gain confidence and integrate with his school mates through comprehension skills in French.
He said he enjoys your lessons, and he is challenged by some parts of it (which is a good thing). Generally, we feel that the lessons are just right for his level to prepare him for when he is transferred to the regular classes at school."
Jed Busalla in Switzerland

"If you are in need of a French tutor, I highly recommend Céline Anthonioz. Céline has been my online French tutor for the last 16 months, and I can honestly say that my lessons with Céline have been one of the best investments of both time and money I have ever made. The feeling of confidence I now have in my French communicative skills is priceless. It is obvious that Céline is truly a seasoned French teacher. For each lesson, her objectives are clear and well planned out (she is always prepared with an interesting discussion topic, particular grammar structure, or useful vocabulary list), but she is always willing to allow the lesson to go in a different direction to fit my particular needs. Céline possesses that amazing quality found only in the best educators—the ability to instill confidence in a student while correcting a mistake. For the countless times I have used the wrong expression or butchered the French pronunciation, not one time have I felt stupid or inept as Céline modeled the correct response or explained how to correct the mistake. For that, I am truly grateful and appreciative. I am also very appreciative at how accommodating and flexible Céline is with the schedule. I highly recommend Céline as a French tutor. If you want to improve your existing French language skills or want to begin your journey to experience the beauty of the French language, Céline is the teacher who will get you there."
Dana Wilson in South Carolina
"Carine is a terrific teacher; just the right mix of encouragement, patience and instruction. The format really suits me as well. I like being able to take the lesson at home (or when I'm travelling) and at a time that suits me. Carine, although busy, is very good about finding a time each day for a lesson. I also really like the ability to have a Saturday lesson - the one day of the week that I'm not thinking about a million other things. Overall, I am extremely happy with the lessons."
Bonnie Priest in UK
"I've LOVED our lessons…I've learnt more with you in just three lessons than I have in the past few months!"
Vicky in Margueron , France
"J'ai réussi aux examens du DELF B2! Mes résultats sont les suivants: 
Ecrit - Compréhension note : 24/25
Production note : 20,50/25
Oral - Compréhension note : 21/25
Production note : 24,50/25
Je vous remercie encore Virginie, pour toute l'aide que vous m'avez apportée durant cette préparation d'examen et ne peut que vous féliciter aussi pour vos qualités d'enseignante!
Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation dans l'enseignement et que d'autres étudiants pourront eux-aussi profiter de vos connaissances. Bien cordialement, Carene"
Carene in UK
"By way of background, I have been studying French off and on for several years. I’ve taken several classes at a University, I’ve hired private tutors, I’ve taken classes with Alliance Française and Berlitz and have tried teaching myself with various books and CDs. My reasons for trying to learn the language are two fold. My son, his wife (who is French) and my three grandchildren live in Paris and I simply love the language (in spite of how difficult it is!). Unfortunately, for me, my son and his wife insist that I speak English when I am with his family either in the US or France because they want their children to be bi-lingual, so I don’t have opportunities to practice. 
Of all the ways I have tried to practice and learn the language, your method has been the best and most impressive. I was skeptical to try it, but thanks to Carine Lecointre, I can honestly say this is the best course/class/method I have encountered. 
During my first lesson with her, I explained that I had not taken a French class (nor used French) for almost two years and had practically forgotten more than I ever learned. Instead of letting me slowly get back into studying again, she challenged me and her Skype classes were excellent. She is an exceptionally gifted teacher, she sets a good pace, she explains things well, she encourages me to expand my knowledge, she challenges me and she manages to do all that in a charming and creative manner! I’ve encountered many French teachers, but none are a good as Carine. 
My complements to her and also to your organization for its materials, the French Accent magazine and Student e-book, both of which are quite good."
Sandy Parker in Florida, USA
"Corinne is simply the best teacher I have ever had! I have no idea how she can be so patient with me and always so encouraging. The lessons are always varied and she is always suggesting different things for me to read or listen to.
I can’t believe I am saying it, but I actively look forward to Monday evening when I have my lesson.
Sarah Sapper in London, UK

French lessons

"I am studying for the DELF B2 exam which takes place in June and have completed 11 weeks of a 12 week course with Audrey. The course is absolutely brilliant and totally enjoyable. The method of teaching through Skype works really well, the classes are flexible and for me, each week has been a pleasure.
My teacher is wonderful. We get on so well and we talk about anything and everything, all the while I am putting my spoken French to the test and at the same time learning, as Audrey is writing up any queries or corrections, yet never stopping the flow of conversation. Audrey always has the answers to my (MANY) questions and has a great way of explaining. She always makes the homework personal to me, so that it is relevant to my needs.
I find Audrey to be warm, interesting and patient, we laugh a lot together and she is very motivated and encouraging. I am going to miss my lessons but I am going to avail of some conversational classes after the summer holidays to keep my spoken French alive and to hopefully keep improving.
I would recommend this method of learning to everyone-you will be amazed how quickly you progress and how much fun you have in doing so. Bonne chance"
Toni O'Sullivan in Ireland
"The lessons are great, hard work but I am very positive about them. Homework time is variable as you might imagine with more time spent on it some weeks that others. The Skype concept works well as I have so far had lessons whilst I am in Paris, La Haye and Monaco. The next two lessons will be from New York where I am now." Richard from Paris
"The lessons with Audrey are going very well. She is working me hard on conversation which is my big weakness so that's exactly what I need. We seem to get on well and she has an easy to understand accent so she is able to speak at close to normal speed most of the time. (I hope that's normal speed!)
I think the whole approach is excellent (the on-screen notes, the multimedia content in the homework, and the relaxed style) and I would thoroughly recommend it to others."
Alan Gow in Artfield, Uk
"Just some very positive feedback after my first lesson with Carine. I am very impressed about her patience and ability to teach a language, I think you have excellent teachers. Carine works very structured and adapts her teaching to the speed of her students. So far I'm highly impressed about your service and I am quite sure I will book more lessons."
Matthias, a happy customer from Ireland
"I feel that I have made so much improvement and French friends have also remarked on how I am making progress..."
Alexia in Brittanny, France

(Click here to see the complete testimonial published in "The French Paper")
"As for continuing with my French lessons, I need to await the status of some jobs in Vienna and Paris. If it looks favorable for me to work in France, I will certainly consider continuing my program with "Learn French At Home". I hope to be able to make this decision by mid-January.
I want to particularly thank Marie-Charlotte for her patience in tutoring me. She did an excellent job and helped me feel at ease with French, more than I have ever had before when trying to study a foreign language. She is a great teacher, and I would strongly recommend her." David Shropshire in the Netherlands

French lessons

"I enjoy immensely my French lessons with Learnfrenchathome. It is a very unique and delightful way to learn how to speak one of the most beautiful and romantic languages in the world! With a schedule that is flexible, at my own pace, and in the privacy of my own home, I am learning how to speak French! Each week my teacher, prepares interesting lessons which inspire and challenge me. By speaking on the telephone, I hear the French language spoken by a consummate and knowledgeable professional, and learn to comprehend and respond in French! I receive homework assignments via the internet, and after each lesson, a detailed explanation of the lesson and the notes from our telephone conversations are e-mailed to me for reviewing and learning.
I highly recommend signing up for classes at Learnfrenchathome, a truly fun way to learn to speak French!"
Sevahn in Detroit, USA
"Ben's French is really improving with Audrey's help. His moyenne at the end of 4eme was 4,8 and is now over 11. She seems to be targeting the things he needs for the Brevet. He was one of only 7 in his class to pass their brevet blanc in January. They also seem to get on very well and he enjoys his lessons so we are very happy."
Judith Thomason in Daglan, Dordogne, France
"Carine is a fantastic French tutor! She has been with us for some time now, and Chloe definitely feels like she has grown and learned so much from her time with Carine.
She has definitely been a wonderful find for us!"

Jamie R. in Connecticut, USA
"As a Brit living in France it was obviously important for me to speak french as best as I could to live life fully there. For me discovering 'learnfrenchathome' really was like opening a door onto a new beginning. I'm quite convinced learning 1 to 1 from conversations with native french speakers has enabled me to progress alot faster than I would have done in a 'traditional' class group. Lessons with 'learnfrenchathome' represent sound investments for anyone who is keen to speak french properly."
Neil Saint, currently living in Perth, Australia
"I am enjoying the lessons very much with my excellent and patient teacher. She knows where my weaknesses are and structures the lessons to improve on those areas. I am able to complete the homework, which is mostly listening to clips of videos as I need to improve on hearing French spoken and understanding what is being said. There are also exercises to complete relating to the videos, therefore, the more I listen to them, the better it is for me.
I find it extremely helpful to be able to have lessons on a Sunday morning when I am feeling fresh and not tired after a long day/week at work. She is very punctual and has never let us down over many, many weeks. She is absolutely professional in her approach and sets out at the start of each lesson how much time will be spent on each part."
Karen from Guernsey, Uk
"I like the flexibility of learning this way because I can have weekly lessons regardless of where I am in the world. I am also learning French quicker than other methods or lessons because it is easier for me to schedule them. I have to listen and concentrate more because there is no body language to see, but this is improving my ability to pick up the sound of words. Doing the homework I find is difficult but essential to maximize the learning. Even my 9 year old son has commented how my French is improving and he is fluent!"
Paul in Dordogne, France
"Also I'd like to say I'm extremely happy with Corinne and the way she works with me. She's always punctual, patient with me, her lessons are interesting and productive. She's just a great teacher!"
V. Nebolsine in UK
"J'ai trouvé que les leçons sont très stimulantes. Je pense que j'ai besoin de travailler tres fort pour réaliser mon objectif mais j'aime beaucoup le format de learn french at home" Liz in Ireland
"I have been receiving french lessons for 1yr. from Learn French at Home. My teacher is great! I used to dread my lessons at the French Institute in Edinburgh but now I look forward to them. My teacher takes the time to repeat the areas I find difficult and with his patience I have now reached the stage were I can engage in a “conversation”. My neighbours in France are impressed with my progress and so am I!!!"
Sarah Ann Rice in Livingston, Scotland
"Anticipating a trip to France this year I searched around for some method of tuition which would fit in with my lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to come across the French Accent magazine which carried advertisements for both Skype and Learn French at Home. This combination appeared exactly what I needed. After a short conversation with Celine who immediately understood my requirements, I signed up for twelve lessons and was appointed a tutor, Vincent, who designed a course to suit my level of study.
It has been a wonderful and rewarding twelve weeks, and I have been taught with great patience and understanding. I can recommend this method of study for its ease and flexibility."
Earle Connolly in Blackheath Australia

French lessons

"Dear Celine, I had my final lesson last week having taken the course that my husband was meant to do. I have really enjoyed both courses - Jan has been not only a very patient and helpful tutor, but our conversations have covered a wide and interesting range of subjects. Aside from learning more about the French language, the thing I think I have gained most is the confidence to speak - even when I'm not sure if I'm getting it quite right. I now intend to study by myself using language CDs, French radio and also your magazine which is extremely helpful, but perhaps sometime in the future I will sign up for another course with you. In the meantime I will be recommending you to anyone who is looking for a good way to improve their language skills. Best wishes Simone "
Simone in Prades, France
"French classes are going well, 30mins is the perfect length as I'm so busy, the homework is great too when I eventually get time to do it as it's so well linked to what Vincent has taught. Vincent is a very good teacher & patient, he explains everything really well, I actually feel like I'm learning something which I normally don't feel in French classes...
Delighted to have found your company, would recommend it to anyone.
Michelle in Geneva, Switzerland
"My lessons with Audrey are going well. She is very nice and friendly. I was hoping to have conversations without having to go into all the grammar but I see now that this would not be possible. Audrey encourages me to talk and then corrects my grammar, which then forces me to study the verbs. This is a good thing and has forced me to do a lot of work on my French . I have had a very successful trip to Paris to meet the family of Francois who is my daughters fiance. When I went to their home for the evening I was surprised that I was able to enjoy it so much. His family made me so welcome. I understood most of the conversations all evening and was able to speak a lot, although not usually in the correct tense. I am hoping to be a lot more fluent at my daughters wedding next June. Audrey had given me lots of advice and useful phrases which was very helpful. My daughter and Francois were amazed as they didnt know that I knew so much French. I have never had to try to speak it with them as we always speak English. This course has really made me work hard. I study some French every day now and enjoy it. It has been very useful that Audrey is able to be flexible with the lessons as I go to France a lot. (I'm going tomorrow for 5 days). I will happily recommend this website to everyone." Jane from Uk
"I have just this morning had my third lesson with Esteban. He is a wonderful teacher! He is patient, yet thorough, and also has a great sense of humour. I've paid for 4 lessons so far, and have had 3 of them. I feel my French improving already - and he makes it fun!
Best wishes, and thank you for running such a wonderful Internet school!."
Jeff from the Bermuda
"I really enjoy the lessons and my neighbours and friends in my village comment on my progress, so it's great."
Alana in the Aude Region in France
"I wanted to let you know that I found my lessons extremely worthwhile. Vincent is an excellent teacher, he tailored the lessons to my specific requirements of leading a group of tourists and readily re-visted aspects that I did not initially understand. Please pass on my thanks to Vincent for all his help and assistance."
Ian in Basingstoke, Uk
"I can honestly say I have been extremely satisfied with all the lessons I have received from Virginie and she is extremely flexible. I have found the whole experience with Learn French At Home very positive. "
Ann from St Barnabe, France
"My teacher is excellent as far as I am concerned. She is very quick to identify the areas in which I need help and to set exercises and to organise the lessons so that these areas are addressed. She is the first French teacher I have ever had who has been able to help me with my pronounciation. She sets very relevant lesson subject matter and homework. Her lessons are far above the standard I experienced at Berlitz. "
Liz in Lausanne, Switzerland
"Since starting with Learn French at Home last March, my confidence on the phone and face to face conversation has increased incredibly. Since moving to France in Oct 03, I had tried a couple of local courses, all of which I found hard as everyone on the course was at different levels of progression. This proved to be frustrating, which didn't help my confidence. When I saw the advert in French News, I thought this could be for me. As my work involves being on the phone most of the time and also having to start working with the French in my business, it gave me the push to really start being serious about learning. I wanted to learn Business French as well as expand upon my existing knowledge. Once my teacher had explained the format, expectations etc I have never looked back. My teacher has such patience and understanding for those who find it difficult to grasp. I'm very pleased I picked up the phone and called LearnFrenchatHome and would highly recommend this way of learning. What would we do without Skype!"
Shelley in the Lot et Garonne region in France
"I find nothing but praise for my teacher!! As a 'mature ' student I feel very comfortable with her and have learnt so much in just three weeks! Her approach is very patient and understanding (although she must feel like screaming at some of my attempts). She has always been reliable at keeping appointments setting and correcting homework and tailoring the course to my needs but taking me just that little further! I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to 'learn french at home'" Paul Mason in London, Uk
"... thanks to Learn French at Home, my French has improved ten-fold!" Debbie in Washington DC, USA
"I have been receiving weekly lessons via Learn French at Home for about nine months now and have found the whole experience to be very enjoyable and rewarding. The lessons are set to my own learning pace and and I never feel under pressure. When I visited France this summer I was very confident to speak French and found that I was well understood, and didn't revert to english at all. The student forum is good fun and very informative, the question of the day is good practice and it is very interesting to read the other students replies and learn something about them too."
Joanne in Birmingham, Uk
Learning French at home, is a brilliant concept and one that I am enjoying immensely. The hour long Skype call absolutely flies by, before I know it , the teacher is setting my homework, which I can then do at my convenience ande-mail to her for correcting. Every time I visit France now my friends and relations remark on how my French is improving and I am amazed at myself sometimes just how much I Have learnt. Long distance learning is something that I would definitely recommend as The one to one relationship is such a bonus." Marian in Backhurst Hill Essex, England
"The teacher's answers to my questions and explanations of concepts are very clear and I feel like I'm getting a good mix of grammar and vocabulary in each lesson."
Julie in New York, USA
"I have found the French lessons very useful indeed. They have helped my understanding of the grammar and my confidence to communicate effectively."
Andy in London, UK
"I have been trying to learn the French language for a number of years with varying levels of success. Last year I decided that I needed to get serious about this ongoing project since I am approaching retirement and am considering the idea of moving to France with my wife. We both like the French way of life and in recent years have spent many holidays in the country. We are also members of a French/English Twinning Association. For me, an essential part of making this a viable proposition is the ability to speak French, maybe not that fluently at first, but certainly with a good basic ability which can be built onto and developed. The most difficult problem to overcome when learning a language whilst not living in that country is not having the opportunity to converse with a native speaker on a regular basis. In England we can go to night school, but many of these courses do not go much beyond what can be described as ‘travel' French and you are learning in a group situation with mixed abilities. Grammar can be learnt from books, but practical use of the language to communicate with people requires this extra element of one to one teaching. I am becoming reasonably competent in reading and writing French and am continuing to improve. My weak points have been speaking and listening and comprehending the language. I do feel now that I am making progress in this area.
Whilst looking for additional sources of help on the internet, I fortunately found the web site ‘' I e-mailed details of myself to the site and the next day received a Skype call from Céline who introduced me to the concept of learning French over the web using Skype. This is an excellent medium, having in addition to the audio element, a white board which both the teacher and pupil can use to clarify specific areas of discussion. This was in August last year and since then I have had weekly teaching sessions with Céline. I have found her method of teaching excellent in that she encourages you to make progress whilst at the same time ensuring that mistakes are corrected without any element of demotivation. I consider this to be important because the way we progress in many areas of learning is by making mistakes and learning from them. The lessons are very enjoyable and we laugh a lot about the oddities of each other's language and the different ways in which language is used. If you want to make progress with your learning, I would highly recommend that you contact I'm certainly enjoying the experience."
Peter in Northants, UK
"I have been impressed with my teacher's superb teaching abilities, and owe her a great deal of thanks for bringing me to my present French level." Lynn, in the Tarn region in France
"I have been studying with "Learn French at Home" for almost one year and from the beginning found the French lessons comfortable yet also challenging. The time on Skype always seems to flow fast. She has an intuitive sense as a teacher to know when to structure the lesson and when to let the conversations flow. The homework is relevant and appropriate for the lessons I need at the time. I never feel she loses patience with repeat mistakes and she remembers and really listens. Even her necessary reminders and corrections are subtle and gentle. She is understanding of a mother's needs for flexible hours and, at times, the lack of mental energy for homework, but she still manages to help me make progress. Having the weekly lessons to look forward to, with or without other study time during the week keeps me engaged and learning, and I can tell that I am finally becoming less tongue-tied and more at ease with conversational French, and just as important, more understanding of life in France." Elyette in Paris in France
"I have found the French lessons on Skype extremely useful. You are obliged to speak which makes you concentrate and think more quickly. This real life situation helps you learn and absorb better. The teacher quickly identifies the areas where you have difficulties and concentrates on these. I have progressed well and gained in confidence. I thoroughly recommend this method of learning French."
Carolyn in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France
"My only regret is that I didn't start my lessons earlier when I was toing and froing between France and the UK. I have since discovered how easy it is to receive my French lessons wherever I am in the world! ..." To read the full story, click here
Kathy in the Cognac area in France
"I studied French for years and for the first time I've found a real efficient method with a teacher who understands exactly what I need."
Kate in Vermont, USA

"Learn French at Home has been the best method for me for progressing in the language. Tired of classes and groups of mixed ability and searching for a more personal, one-to-one contact with a teacher, Celine's structured and skilled approach was the ideal answer. Her knowledge and fluency encourages confidence in the student, through discussion, conversation and specific learning points which are well-matched to your home-exercises. I would recommend Celine's method for learning at home to anyone seeking to improve their language skills - her talented teaching methods are a breath of fresh air."
Peta in the Normandy region in France

"After living in rural France for 18 months and realising that my school French just wasn't going to miraculously come flooding back to me (without some assistance!), I decided to take the plunge and contact Learn French at Home. I was dreading talking French over the telephone - in my opinion the most difficult method of learning a language, and the thing I was most terrified of doing on an everyday basis. However my fears were totally unfounded as Celine turned out to be an absolute star! She is so kind, patient, considerate and encouraging. It never fails to amaze me how positive and upbeat she remains , especially when you keep making the same old mistakes week after week and you just feel like it's never going to sink in. Each new grammatical point is carefully explained and utilised in varying contexts, so that there's no possibility of misunderstanding. I genuinely feel after 5 months of lessons that I am finally making progress and I am no longer bothered about making or taking those scary phone calls. For any of you who are still not motivated, they've recently discovered that learning a foreign language greatly decreases the risk of you getting Alzheimers, so, as a lady of a certain age myself, I'd say, "Let's go for it!"
Helen in the Picardie region in France