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Intensive French course


Experience comfortable and motivating one-on-one French lessons from your home or office with a friendly French native teacher on Skype. The webcam (optional) and the chat board of Skype both bring an important visual side to the lesson, which makes the interaction between the student and the teacher very clear and lively. You'll be able to follow with ease as the teacher writes the new vocabulary, expressions, grammar points and corrections on the Skype chat board. Gain real confidence in speaking while learning at your own pace, and learn the French that you need and use it immediately!

The Intensive programme includes 5 hours of French lessons on Skype with a French native teacher. The lessons should take place within a one -week period. Each lesson is followed with 1 hour of homework.

This programme is designed for students who have a pressing learning goal or who have some available free time and wish to work more intensively. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes followed with 1 hour of homework.

The lessons are structured according to your level and your teacher will work with you on improving your GENERAL French speaking abilities, listening and reading comprehension and writing skills. The Intensive Lessons programme is designed to give you confidence in speaking about topics from every day life subjects that are related to the situations found in your environment. New grammar points will also be introduced and practiced through exercises until you have a complete understanding on how they work.

Throughout each lesson, the teacher will set French learning goals which will be practiced verbally via conversations, different role plays, exercises, games, and question/answer sessions. The objective is to have you feel comfortable by the end of the lesson with the new information you've learned.

Following are a few examples which fall into the category Intensive French lessons:
-You are living in France and wish to communicate with the locals, understand French TV, read the newspaper.
-You are going to France on holiday and wish to learn the language related to travelling.
-You enjoy learning French and French culture.
-You need to learn general business language and communication techniques.
-You're going to a French school and need some help with the work or to improve your verbal skills.

The above situations are just a few examples; please note that any French learning objectives needing significant preparation time for the lessons will require you to sign up for a French A La Carte programme. You can discuss your French learning objectives with your advisor who will let you know which programme would be most suitable.

For anyone who can allocate a minimum of 10 hours of French learning during a given week. You don't need any French learning experience, beginners to advanced learners are welcome!

French studentAfter evaluating your current French level and your objectives, a teacher will organize with you a one-to-one 50-minute daily lesson at a day and time that will be most convenient for you. The lesson will take place via Internet with Skype. After each lesson, the teacher will send one hour of homework to complete before the next day's lesson.

During the lesson, your teacher will work with you on specific subjects relevant to your French learning goals which will all be practiced via different role plays, questions and conversation. Your teacher will also include some grammar exercises. The goal is to have you feel comfortable by the end of the lesson with the new information you've learned.

EXTRA: In addition to the lessons and the homework and in order to practice your French on a daily basis, you will be able to join our forum and respond to the"Question du Jour" in French. After you've responded, the teacher who posted the question will read your response and make corrections - this way, you will continue to receive ongoing feedback on a daily basis. There is no extra fee for this service.

The cost per lesson decreases depending on the number of the lessons purchased. Your teacher will customize each lesson with topics of interests that can motivate you. You are receiving real value for your money with an individualized programme that allows you to make significant progress on a weekly basis.

The minimum commitment 1 week-long intensive course! (5 lessons). If your goal is to make significant progress, we would encourage you to sign up with a bigger package as you'll benefit from lower prices.

If you already know that the Intensive course is the right choice, then you can directly book a package by clicking on the prices link below. Once you've paid for your pack of lessons, please fill out the contact form and inform us of the pack that you've purchased. We'll get back to you within a few hours to confirm your purchase and to set you up with a teacher.

If you prefer to speak with a Language Advisor first, please fill out the contact form and we'll set up a date and time to speak with you within 24 hours.


Discounted French lessons

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Every Intensive French course includes:

  • 5 personalized 50-minute French lessons on the telephone or via Skype. It is one daily lesson.
  • Notes of the lessons + 5 hours of homework prepared and corrected by the teacher.
  • 5 “questions du jour” in French asked by a teacher on our Forum - Every reply from the student is corrected by the teacher.
  • Accessibility to your French teacher anytime during the weekdays.

One Week.
Note that we propose 50-minute French lesson per day because it is our experience that a student cannot maintain full attention and concentration if the lesson lasts longer than 50 minutes. We want to make sure that you receive the full benefit from the lessons and this is why we offer our intensive packages of one hour on a daily basis. The homework is intended to provide more experience with the language each day.

Yes. The teacher will assign you some homework including some listening work and he or she will use the following books according to your level:

If you are a beginner or a pre-intermediate level, then you'll need to purchase 2 e-books (one grammar book and one audio listening ebook containing real life scenarios:


"Say it with
a French

Price in Euros for both ebooks   Price in US$
for both ebooks
French Grammar
Say it with A French Accent

If you have an intermediate level or plus, then you'll need to purchase 2 audio e-books (both containing real life scenarios):

"Say it with
a French

"Live like a French Person"
Price in Euros for both ebooks   Price in US$
for both ebooks
Say it with A French Accent
Live like a French Person


French Accent Magazine
French Accent Magazine To encourage you to continue to work on your French comprehension and to gain a better understanding about French culture, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to our in-house e-magazine. Every 2 months, you will receive the magazine directly in your inbox. The unique concept of French Accent is that many of the articles are both in French and in English and it contains numerous audio files for listening to everyday life scenarios, vocabulary, songs and other features. For more information or if you wish to subscribe, please click on the Magazine cover below. If you are a student with us, you get a special discount once you have signed up for French lessons with us. Tell your advisor who will suggest a package for you which includes the Magazine.

Do not hesitate to contact us by either filling out the contact form or sending an email to us.