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October - November 08

French Accent - April 08

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October - November 2008
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Interactive French

French scenariosExpressions of Time and Frequency with 2 scenarios: one for beginners and one for intermediates
Learn to Love the Subjunctive with audio scenario
Le coin des branchés: Useful and interesting expressions

La dictée du mois (one for beginners and one for intermediates)

Interview with expatriates

Jennifer and family

Jennifer Frye, a Yoga Instructor in Neuchâtel

Real Life

GenevaFrench-speaking Switzerland See pdf sample
A Welcoming Country for Expatriates
- Swiss French Language: A Few Words and Expressions
- A Few Facts and Figures
- Discover La Suisse romande
- Useful Information for English Speakers
- Work and Residents Permits
- Schools in Switzerland
- A Scenario: A Typical Dialogue in “Swiss” French
- Anglophones in Switzerland: A Long Love Story
- Tips & Traps

- The Media in French-Speaking Switzerland

The Swiss Political System

Swiss politicians

A Direct Democracy

Our Planet
Orgninc in Switzerland
How Green is Switzerland?

Organinc Farming
The Swiss Culture Scene

Sonia Grimm Sonia Grimm, the Rising Star in Children’s Music

- Festival Cinéma tous écrans
- La fête de l’Escalade
A children's song: Faut pas manger du chocolat

A Literary Text: Les femmes dans les vignes, C. F. Ramuz

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne: A Taste of Nostalgia

French recipe: spatzlis
French Accent Magazine at Expat Expo Geneva!

Mots croisés - Crosswords

Une recette de cuisine suisse: "Spätzlis"

All the articles are available in our Pdf Version - Click here to receive it

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