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June-July 2007


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June-July 2007

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Interactive French
Scenario of the Month: Que, qu’est-ce que, est-ce que, quel, Quoi…
Which one do I use

“Le coin des branchés”: A few useful interesting expressions

Real Life

Jim, francophileThe “Dictée” of the Month

Interview with an Expatriate: James

Tips and Traps : Renting a Home for the Summer Holidays

Discover the Beaches of Normandy

Gites de France - A Unique Lodging Alternative

This is France

Working in France
Summer Holidays in the Alps

- A few destinations and summer activities

An Authentic Restaurant in Haute-Savoie

- Le tour de France

French Politics

The Legislative Elections

The French Scene

Jazz à Vienne

A song: "Frida" by Sanseverino

A Children Song: "Le coquillage"

New A Francophone Gateway

Brussels, Belgium (Available in the pdf version)

Mots croisés - Crosswords

Oh la la la la!... Unbelievable but True Stories of France

Une recette de cuisine : salade au saumon, avocat, pamplemousse
All the articles are available in our Pdf Version - Click here to order it

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