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December 2006


French lessons with a teacher

December 2006

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Interactive French
Scenario of the month: Interacting with the Proper French Polite Forms

A role play using the polite forms Expats in France

“Le coin des branchés”:
A few everyday life expressions

The “Dictée” of the Month

Interview with an expatriate: Seona's experience (the benefits and challenges of living in France)
Real Life

A problem with your dog? What to do? Who to call? pet problem in France

Scenario? The necessary French language at the Vet's

Tips and Traps : What to do when not satisfied with a service?

“Le bricolage pour tous - Do it Yourself

This is France

Christmas in France
A few Christmas Traditions

- The history of the “papillotes”

- A Christmas story for kids

- Helping people in need: the “Restos du cœur”

French Politics

The French elections: How are they organized?

Our Planet

Our Planet
To Compost or not to Compost?

Environment in our Daily Life

The French Scene

Charlotte Gainsbourg, half English - half FrenchCharlotte Gainsbourg, artist and singer

A selection of French DVDs

A Famous French Christmas Song

Rex, First Installment

All the articles are available in our Pdf Version - Click here to buy it
Most of the articles are bilingual and can be listened to in French to give you the opportunity to raise your comprehension skills!!

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