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December 07-January 08


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December 2007 - January 2008
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Interactive French

French scenariosFaire = to do/to make with an exercice and 2 scenarios: one
beginners and one for intermediates
See pdf sample

Le coin des branchés: Useful and interesting expressions

La dictée du mois (one for beginners and one for intermediates)

Interview with expatriates

Meet Mary Ann and Hal: an enthusiastic and warm hearted American couple who settled in a small village just one hour from Paris.

Real Life

Sales in France
Sales in France with audio vocabulary

Cultural Differences: A Testimony, by Serena Appella

Tips and Traps: cell phones

This is France

Children in France
Raising Children: A Few Specificities
See pdf sample
- A few expressions used by French kids
- What is different in France? Personal Stories
and Observations

- The French School System
- Scenario between two kids, and Basic Vocabulary at School

French Politics

La Rupture & Les Grèves: The Stumbling Blocks to changing the System

Our Planet
Our planet
Mobile Phones: Hard on the Planet!

Le chauffage au bois

The Environment in Our Daily Life
The French Scene

Francis CabrelPortrait of a French Actress: Emmanuelle Devos

French DVDs

Discover a French popular singer

A children's Christmas song

A Literary Text "L'Accent grave "

Christmas in France
Mots croisés - Crosswords

Oh la la la la!... Unbelievable but True Stories of France

Une recette de cuisine (A French recipe): bûche de Noël au chocolat

Christmas in France
All the articles are available in our Pdf Version - Click here to receive it

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