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-Speak French with confidence and enjoy your travels OR your move to a French speaking country.

-Watch your kids progress rapidly while they're having fun learning.

-Conduct a business meeting in French, while communicating with your clients and colleagues.

-Take and pass the DELF/DALF or the French nationality exam.

-Fully understand how the languages' grammar works. Take pleasure in writing in French.

-Enjoy the culture and immerse yourself in it.


Take your lessons at the day and time that fits your schedule.

Since 2004, our online language school has helped more than 3000 students to achieve their language goals. The main ingredient of our success lies in our team of professional and friendly native teachers.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced speaker, we will customize every lesson course to your objectives! Speaking a foreign language is one of the most thrilling and fulfilling experiences that you'll ever have.

And don't forget to visit our French learning boutique with our latest books and tools!

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About learnfrenchathome.com

In today's global community, understanding an international language is an important skill to possess. Having the ability to talk to people from other countries makes for smooth good business transactions, holidays, enduring friendships, learning experiences, or even marriages (in cases where you marry a spouse from an international country). Unfortunately, when learning a new language, the learning curve is more often than not, a steep one. Nonetheless, there are numerous benefits to accrue from understanding an international language, especially .

It is spoken by over 220 million people around the globe. Additionally, it is estimated that over 750,000 people are learning it right now. These statistics makes it the ninth most popular global language and by extension the ninth most used language by humans. The Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, or the OIF, is an international organization of 77 speaking governments or states, whose membership further illustrates the prevalence of as the preferred language of communication around the globe.

Aside from being a popular communications language, there are numerous other benefits associated with understanding & learning the language. For starters, its understanding can play a role in growing your career or business, especially when seeking employment or doing business.

For instance, expatriates and business people seeking to move to Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium and a host of African countries that speak the dialect as the official language will be best served by understanding the language. In the same light, if you are seeking higher education in countries that use the dialect as the main and sometimes the only language of education, understanding it is paramount. However, for some, understanding plays a huge role in the understanding of France as well as culture.

Regardless of the reasons that may spur you to study the language, one thing remains constant the need for premium education in the language. Since no one can accrue the benefits of understanding dialect without understanding the intricacies of the language in as far as speaking, writing, and comprehending the language, receiving quality education whilst in the process of learning the language is critical.

To this end, the learning environment should be conducive to learning. This is to mean that the environment should enable you to interact with the teachers as much as possible. The tutors or teachers in question should be experienced and skilled in imparting dialect talking and writing skills. Additionally, he or she should have a thorough knowledge of the grammar rules, and have a wealth of vocabularies and expressions to teach. More importantly, the teacher should be capable of teaching the language to people at various levels of understanding the language (especially novices to the language). With this in mind, such teachers should be native speakers.

We understand the need for members of the international community to attain the skill related to reading and writing the dialect and conversing in it being an international dialect. We also appreciate the challenges of learning a new language and, therefore, we craft our services and products to be as user-friendly and impactful as possible. We create a friendly learning experience with the explicit intention of helping you understand and retaining as much as possible from the course that you go through. To this end, ourteaching services are provided online, through Skype chat board and the optional Skype webcam for comprehensive and effective visual understanding of the lessons rendered.

Since our inception in 2004, we have embarked on providing the best learning experience possible to our clients, taking numerous participants through customized and personalized lessons and helping them accrue the benefits of understanding the language. We have always made use of native speakers teachers to render our services and we promise our clients to continue doing the same and thus guarantee high-quality services. With one of our qualified teachers, you get to learn from the comfort of your home, on a one-on-one basis.

We have teachers located in France, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and in Australia making it possible for us to serve people in different times zones around the globe. Effectively, the structure of our organization ensures that we have the capability to serve any client based on their own schedule and effectively meet their learning needs without compromising on other aspects of their lives.

In addition to the global distribution of our teaching personnel, our lessons are structured for a wide variety. We have structured lessons for expats, tourists, professionals, students, children and language enthusiasts. Thus we provide incredible flexibility to our students, which in a sense, means that you get to determine your learning schedule, the pace of learning, and the amount of time you dedicate to learning.

It is little wonder that we have been able to serve clients living France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, the USA, Russia, Canada, the Philippines, Brazil, Holland, Liberia, Belgium and many other countries around the globe. It does not matter the time zone of your current location, rest assured that we have the capacity and capability to serve you whilst catering for your unique needs.

Regular Course: You get a tailored course suited for your particular level of understanding of the language. The course is designed to be intuitive to your needs in as far as learning is concerned. The lessons last about 50 minutes per session. Thereafter students are given a one and half hour homework exercise to reinforce their understanding of the lessons. Just like every other, the Regular Course is delivered Skype's chat board as well as the optional webcam.

The Light Course is designed as a lighter version of our Regular Course. Its basic structure is model against that of the Regular Course. Additionally, the goals are pretty much the same. However, the only divergence between these two courses is the amount of time one dedicates to the lessons. With the Light Course, students go through 30-minute one-on-one lessons. The lessons are followed by 2 exercises. Despite the shortened lessons periods, students get to learn matters of grammar, diction, vocabularies, writing skills, and verbal comprehension through Skype's chat board as well as through the optional video charts.

Conversation Session: This is a 50-minute service that is rendered to through Skype. The main goal of the conversation program is to provide an avenue for students to practice their in a constructive environment. The environment is constructive owing to the fact that during the session, the teacher gently corrects their students. Head to the conversation section if you are looking to hone your conversational skills.

Regular ourse for 2 Persons: This particular service has been designed to incorporate two students in every lesson. While every other course on our website is designed for one student fir every session, the Regular Course for 2 Persons is the best option for students who understand things better with the help of other students. The course entails 60-minutes weekly sessions at a day and time that is most convenient to both students. After every lesson, students are given one and a half hours worth homework.

French for Travelers

This course is designed to enable tourists heading to speaking states to communicate with local in typical traveler situations. Additionally, the course is structured to teach to students at all levels of understanding of the language. Thus the 40-minute sessions give participants a grasp communicating whenever needed in their travels.

French Course for Children:

This particular program has been crafted to meet the needs of children. As you can appreciate, children find it very easy to learn new things while they are young. In this regard, for the most part, they find it easy as well to absorb new information such as the information pertaining to the language. Moreover, this course being an online learning experience and out of the ordinary learning environment. Such an environment will enthuse children to learn more about the language. Head to our Course for kids section to learn more about this service.

DELF/DALF Exam Preparation

The DELF/DALF diplomas are increasing becoming significant to eeking to further their careers. The exams and the resulting diploma are administered by the Ministry of Education as proof of understanding of elements such as oral comprehension and expression, and written comprehension and writing of it. Additionally, the six independent diplomas are recognized by 154 countries around the world owing to the quality of examination. Understanding the value of this diploma, at our company, we have crafted the DELF/DALF Exam Preparation course to provide you with the best preparation possible for the examination. Our experienced teachers will guide you through the preparation of any and every DELF/DALF exams. Explore the DELF/DALF Exam Preparation course to further your understanding of this course.

Intensive Course

Our intensive course is designed for individuals yearning to learn the language in a more intensive manner. In this course, you get to undertake 5 of 50 minutes each with the professional teacher and one hour of homework. All the lessons are undertaken within one week. Thus, this course is best undertaken by students who have ample time to dedicate to learning. The lessons are designed to impart knowledge and sharpen your skills in speaking, reading, and writing to in typical environments. In this regard, the course imparts confidence in student to speak more. Visit the Intensive Course for more information.

Other Products That Will Improve Your Understanding Of The Language

#1. Our Immersion Experience One of the best ways of reinforcing the understanding of a foreign language is constant practicing the language by using in conversations and everything day activities. Our Immersion program is designed to put you in such an environment where you hone your comprehension skills whilst at the same time improve your conversational skills.

With this service, participants have an opportunity to live in dominated location in France and Switzerland. If you fancy living in France for the Immersion program, you will head to southern France, near Carcassonne. You get to live with Fabienne, a Learn at Home teacher who has been teaching the locals in Germany, France, China, and Switzerland for 5 years. Alternatively, you may opt for the Switzerland option, where you get to live with Tania, an experienced teacher. Regardless of your location choice, you are assured of a true immersion experience. Visit our Immersion Program section to learn more.

The French Accent Class

This is an online magazine that is designed to improve your understanding of the language and in particular the pronunciation of words. It improves your wealth of vocabulary and your ccent. The magazine also comes with downloadable audio files for listening exercising. Visit our magazine section and grab your copy of The Accent.

#3. Our Books: Through our boutique, you have access to a wide variety of books designed to deepen your understanding of the language. The books also come with CDs which are designed to improve your listening comprehension of the language in conversational situations. Visit our Learning Boutique for your copies of Learning material.

#4. Student Forum: We also provide a forum for our student to interacts with one another while at the same time practicing their . Additionally, the forum provides a good environment for our students to study the culture.

Aside from these resources, we provide links to other external resources that can help you in the learning process. They include links to resources to practice your, resources concerned with tourism in France (the number one global tourists' destination), resources to literature, newsletters, videos, and resources to media such as newspapers, radio stations, local and international TV stations, cultural magazines, and movie magazines. Browse on to learn more about us and what we offer. We also offer DALF preparation course online.