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May 2007

French Accent Magazine - April 07


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May 2007

All the articles are available in our Pdf Version - Click here to buy it
Interactive French
Scenario of the Month: Depuis, pour, pendant, dans, en ça fait... Which one do I use?

“Le coin des branchés”: A few useful interesting expressions

The “Dictée” of the Month
Real Life

Elizabeth, expat in Paris

Interview with an Expatriate: Elizabeth (Available in the pdf version)

Tips and Traps : Time for Income Taxes Declaration

Discover Le Marais in Paris
(Available in the pdf version)

Looking for a Job

Job Interview Language

This is France

Working in France
"Natural Gardening" (Available in the pdf version)

Working in France

- Work Culture (Available in the pdf version)


- The Various Labour Contracts

French Politics

French Labour Unions (Available in the pdf version)

Our Planet

Max Havelaar

Fair Trade (Available in the pdf version)

The French Scene

Jamel Debbouze

A selection of French DVDs

A Song and a Poem

New A Francophone Gateway

Neuchâtel, Switzerland (Available in the pdf version)
Our Readers' Wishes - Results of Our Survey (Available in the pdf version)

Letters to the Editor + They're talking about us! Blogs and Forums

Mots croisés - Crosswords

Oh la la la la!... Unbelievable but True Stories of France (Available in the pdf version)

Une recette de cuisine : Tartelettes au citron (Available in the pdf version)
All the articles are available in our Pdf Version - Click here to buy it
Most of the articles are bilingual and can be listened to in French to give you the opportunity to raise your comprehension skills!!

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