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Reviews from French Accent Magazine's Readers

Very fantastic magazine!
Just realised I had forgotten to tell you how very fantastic the magazine is!
I love the fact that you put the articles in French and English as although I normally get the gist of them, it’s nice to see the exact translations.
I also really enjoy the articles about every day life and occurrences here eg the role of the Mayor (must make myself known to him!!).
Thank you very much for bringing this to me !!! Best Wishes.
Emma Manley, Maisons Laffitte, France

Makes learning such a joy!
Thank you so much for so many wonderful years of French Accent Magazine. It has made learning of French language and culture such a joy!
Jeanne Vickery, NH, USA

Our French is improving!
I would like to say that we are really enjoying your magazines and our French is improving. The articles that are both in English and French have been particularly useful.
Sue and Chris Manning, Southampton, UK

The best thing I have seen for a long time!
Hi Vincent. Not only have I discovered your magazine, I have put it in my favourites, and started to tell others in our network to do the same since for some of them needing to improve their french, I think it is the best thing I have seen for a long time!
Sally Stone,

So user friendly!
Thank you so much, this is such a wonderful publication, practical, informative, so "adult" in your approach to a language and so user friendly!
Paula Maburn, Journiac, France

It's brilliant!
Thank you, it's brilliant, and I can see it will be very useful for both myself (Delf A5 level) and my husband (introductory level) to work on our French, plus the articles are very interesting and relevant. Merci!
Catherine Robson, Edinburgh, UK

Awesome stuff! Terrific Method!
I wanted to congratulate you on the E-magazine! Awesome stuff! Terrific Method! I will definitely mention you and your company in my next E-learning research!
Lia Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A Great Resource!
Hi. After enjoying French Accent for many years I have decided not to renew my subscription. It is not because I am dissatisfied with the magazine, indeed it is the opposite, but because after 10 years in France we have sold our property. We shall continue to visit France but I think I have sufficient resources in back numbers to continue to support the learning of French.
I would just like to add a big thank you to the editorial team who have created a great resource. I have enjoyed the magazine a great deal. I wish you continued success in the future.
Mike Capper, Spalding, UK

Thank you for having such a quality magazine for French learners!
I enjoy reading your magazine so much, thank you for having such a quality magazine for French learners like me!
Hang Tran, Oxford, UK

It has helped me improve my French a lot!
I must say French accent has helped me improve my French a lot and I appreciate your help in this regard.
Lida in Colchester, UK

The language learning parts are particularly impressive!
I have also downloaded the e-book and subscribed to your magazine, it is excellent!  For several years we have subscribed to a monthly magazine produced in the UK called Living France but after reading your magazine I have cancelled my subscription with them as yours is so much better. The language learning parts are particularly impressive and I know are going to help my language learning considerably.
Michelle Henshaw, Lancashire, UK

Very helpful and enjoyable!
I have been subscribing to French Accent for about two years now and find it both very helpful and enjoyable, as well as interesting and informative! Thank you so much.
Hilda H., Sheffield, UK

Worth every penny / euro!
Merci pour un tres bon magazine. Excellent value and worth every penny / euro.
John Manley, St Bonnet sur Gironde, France

Learn a Lot with it!
Thank you very much, I love your magazine, learn a lot with it!
Marina H., New York city

Sharing with my students
It is nearly time for the next magazine to come and I cannot wait. I found the previous two so informative and interesting. I do not hesitate to suggest to my fellow students and friends - lovers of the French language - to get on line and experience the magazine. As a mature aged student I know I shall be using these magazines a lot. I am very impressed with the layout and all the wonderful information.
Bernadette Mravljak, Australia

So informative!
Your magazine is great! I have learnt so much from it. The magazine, it is so informative and interesting. I never thought of playing Scrabble to help learn the French language. What a treat for the eyes. Please keep up the good work. I shall plough through the next issue to help me speak to my French friends with confidence.
R.V., England

Terrific Publication!
By the way, I think this is a terrific publication as it is easy to follow and I greatly appreciate the translations, something that is not included in many other French Language publications.
P.M., Journiac, Dordogne, France

This a great help!
I have only just started studying ("reading" doesn't do it justice) your magazine, and I am impressed with the clarity of diction of your speakers - much better than the adult learning classes I used to go to before moving to live in France six months ago, and much better than the average French speaker. I find this a great help, because I don't believe that one can expect to understand a language badly spoken until one can understand it when well spoken.
Adrian March, Vidauban (Var), France

Non-patronising and current
Thanks very much. I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from the trial issue I was able to access via your website - nice to find something non-patronising and current to help adapt to life here in France!
C. G., Carpentras (Vaucluse), France

Feel for France

Good luck to you all. I look forward to receiving your magazine with all your proposed enhancements. It has been a great help to me so far in developing my "feel" for France and the French language where my wife and I hope to retire in a few years time. Everybody should take a year’s subscription to give you the up-front capital to develop it further and reward those who put such great effort into producing it. You will find my subscription on its way. Every success.
Arthur D., UK

Wonderful resource!
Many thanks for a wonderful resource. We have spent hours reading singing to the songs and doing the crosswords. Keep up the good work.
Brenda Kelly

Ipod for offline use
I have been able to download the audio files for the current issue and get them onto my ipod for offline use, which is wonderful!... I have subscribed for a small number of issues in the hope that my commitment to learning French stays fairly strong, at least in the short term. Thank you for your magazine, it is a great resource – so much more interesting than many I have come across.
Kay M., Australia

Fascinating reading!
I confess to just printing out your first magazine and just wanted to congratulate all your team on an excellent publication. Both informative and practical, it is fascinating reading. I look forward to the next issue.
Rob & Dawn Campbell

Listening skills
I love receiving French Accent Magazine and find it very helpful in my French studies, especially the audio links, as my listening skills are not good.  I would like to subscribe to the next six issues… Thank you for your excellent magazine.
Margaret O., UK

Glued to the computer!
I cannot believe such a wonderful article is available. I am a beginner at French and also have learning difficulties. Your French Accent Magazine is so helpful and I am now beginning to learn French with zest. My only problem to offer is that I am glued to the computer and offer no work around the home-front. Now I must go to start reading the new addition. Many thanks to all the people concerned in making the article.
A very happy reader.

The audio links are excellent
Just a quick line to say how much we enjoy your Magazine, it is just the right mix of interesting articles containing just what you need to know in new situations but we lack the background and French social skills, your articles are helping to fill those gaps. The audio links are also excellent, please keep up the good work.
Mike Brimson, Bordon, UK 

Such a wonderful magazine!
Dear Editors, Your magazine is absolutely the BEST! I am slowly going through the January issue, just got my February one but would hate to miss out on anything in the first, December issue. I will write with all my comments and suggestions when I have studied them all - but for now, a big THANK YOU for such a wonderful magazine from a Polish francophile.
Anna Zak-Davies, London, UK

May I say thank you for such a brilliant on-line magazine. It has helped my French by taking inspiration from the stories of the challenges and rewards found by other British people. My wife and I have recently bought a small place in Saumur (49) and we plan to retire there in 3 - 5 years time. My wife is fluent in French having lived there for a few years when she finished University in the UK but I have bumbled my way along with the relics of a disinterested schoolboy's limited absorption. But now I have something to aim for and your magazine could not have come at a better time! Thanks again, I look forward to every forthcoming issue.
Arthur David, Ashby De La Zouch, UK

Up to the minute!
I would like to take this opportunity to say how useful I find the magazine, primarily to improve my French in an up to the minute way!
Mary D., UK

Other languages
I like your magazine very much and wish they had it in other languages as well.
Michael K., Michigan, USA

Blown away!
I am simply blown away! Je l'ai parcouru, écouté et tout de suite envoyé à mes étudiants. Ça fait beaucoup de bien de voir du matériel pédagogique vraiment up to date et environmentally friendly. Merci. Si j'enseigne le cours d'oral prévu cet hiver, je demanderai à mes étudiants de l'utiliser.
Laurence Thibault, Ottawa, Canada

The sweetest voice
I love the magazine.  It is really great.  I have already forwarded it on to my cousin who is a French teacher in the States and she is very impressed, and will pass it on.  I will definitely subscribe.  Feels funny to hear voices in the audio.  My very favorite is Alexandra, she is a star!!  She has the sweetest voice I have ever heard - it is sent from heaven.
Michele Schlesinger, London, UK

Very practical!
Ce matin, j'ai ouvert le courriel de Vincent, sur "French Accent". Maintenant j'ai lu seulement un peu, mais elle me semble une très bonne revue. Très pratique, très intéressant, très sympa pour tous. Ça vous dérangerait si je l'envoie à d’autres ? J'ai deux amies en Australie, l'une qui est plus avancée que moi, et l'autre qui est complètement débutante. 
Iain White, Pukhet, Thailand

Grateful subscriber
With the best regards and with the good luck for the further development of your project!
Joanna Jochymek - a new, grateful subscriber

Fantastic Magazine!

Thank you so much for a fantastic magazine! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading! I cannot wait for your next issue! I am an expatriate living in Mauritius and have found your articles exceptionally enlightening on French culture! You are doing a superb job!!

I Love the Dictée!
Just a brief note to thank you very much for the dictée feature... I love it!
L. Latine, New York, NY, USA

J’ai adoré Rex et je me réjouis de lire les épisodes suivants
L’article sur les traditions de Noël était très intéressant et particulièrement parce que qu’il met l’accent sur les thèmes religieux. Je pense toujours de la France comme un pays séculaire après la division entre l’Etat et l’église en 1905, mais Noël est unique ! J’ai aussi appris quelque chose d’un autre article – depuis longtemps, je ne pouvais pas trouver le mot pour les hommes qui collectent les déchets et enfin, ça y est – les éboueurs !! C’est pourquoi French Accent rend tellement service ; c’est plein d’expressions courantes qui m’aident à comprendre la langue. Une conversation au cabinet du vétérinaire était une idée fameuse ; j’ai, en fait, passé beaucoup d’heures chez le vétérinaire avec un animal ou un autre et donc, je peux adapter les phrases dans le dialogue aux rendez-vous en avenir. Heureusement, mon vétérinaire est très sympathique et très patient quand j’explique un problème.
Les Anglais rencontrent plusieurs situations difficiles quand ils déménagent en France : une urgence, aller au cabinet médical, à l’hôpital ou chez le vétérinaire, une voiture, ou une chaudière, en panne, remplir les formulaires des impôts... Donc, ces conversations “real-life”, ajoutent un point de référence de grande valeur.
Peta Matthews, St-Lo, France

I have lost my discomfort with attempting to speak French

I look forward to the piece about purchasing train tickets, especially online.  We take the TGV to Beaune and Paris at the beginning and end of each trip…
I have lost my discomfort with attempting to speak French and find that I just plunge ahead.  I know my efforts are appreciated. The French are usually kind enough to continue speaking in French even if they know English, and they do not correct me.
Bari J. Schulman, Cortlandt Manor, NY, USA

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