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April 2007

French Accent Magazine - April 07



April 2007

All the Articles are available in our Pdf Version - Click here to buy it
Interactive French
Scenario of the Month: Frequently Misused Verbs

“Le coin des branchés”: A few useful interesting expressions

The “Dictée” of the Month
Real Life

Sue, expat in Brittany

Interview with an Expatriate: Sue Bailey(Available in the pdf version)

At the Garden Center

Tips and Traps : What to do in case of a car accident in France

“Le bricolage pour tous - Natural Insulation

This is France

Gardening in France Gardening in France

- Vegetable Gardening In Spring

- Your Ornamental Garden (Available in the pdf version)

- A Few Garden Fairs in April and May (Available in the pdf version)

French Politics

Segolène, Sarkosy, Bayrou

French Presidential Elections (Available in the pdf version)

Our Planet

Building out of Wood and Straw

Environment in our Daily Life (Available in the pdf version)

The French Scene

Agnes Jaoui
Agnes Jaoui

A selection of French DVDs

A Song and a Poem

Letters to the Editor + They're talking about us! Blogs and Forums

Oh la la la la!... Unbelievable but True Stories of France (Available in the pdf version)

Une recette de cuisine : Gratin de saumon et pommes de terre (Available in the pdf version)
All the Articles are available in our Pdf Version - Click here to buy it
Most of the articles are bilingual and can be listened to in French to give you the opportunity to raise your comprehension skills!!

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