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February - March 08


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February - March 2008
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Interactive French

French scenariosSavoir vs connaître: grammar and 2 scenarios: one for
beginners and one for

Le coin des branchés: Useful and interesting expressions

La dictée du mois (one for beginners and one for intermediates)

Interview with expatriates

Jill, expat near Narbonne

Meet Jill: who lives in a small village near Narbonne.

Real Life

Valentine's in France
Saint Valentine's Day:
the Myths and Traditions (with audio vocabulary)

Tips and Traps: EDF-GDF, Health Insurance, etc.

This is France

Retiring in France
Retiring in France
- Retirement in France : How is it? Testimonials See pdf sample
- Discounts for Senior Citizens

- It is never too late to learn French See article
- Administrative Matters
- Vocabulary of Retirement
- Vocabulary of Grand-parents

French Politics

French mairie

Municipal Elections : coming up in March

Our Planet
Le grenelle de l'environement
The French Scene

Les guignols de l'infoYves Lecoq & les Guignols de l'info

A Selection of Books

Discover a French popular song by Jacques Brel

A children's poem

A Literary Text "Le père Achille "

Christmas in FranceMots croisés - Crosswords

Oh la la la la!... Unbelievable but True Stories of France

Une recette de cuisine (A French recipe): La fondue au fromage

Our Participation at The France Show, London, January 2008
All the articles are available in our Pdf Version - Click here to receive it

Learn French at Home

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