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December 2006
French Accent bilingual audio magazine

December's Issue

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From the Editors

A totally new “live” magazine!

Settling in a foreign country and learning a new language is an overall enriching experience, with abundant potential for personal growth and filled with positive and exciting moments, as well as less rewarding ones. As French teachers, we have been listening to the experiences and anecdotes of our students living in beautiful France who are for the most part satisfied and joyful about their move, but also about the frustrations and unpleasant surprises they can be faced with due to a lack of comprehension. Thanks to their sharing of their experiences, as well as some of our own observations, we are able to communicate through the pages of “ French Accent ” and warn you about some of the pitfalls of living in France.

Another objective of “ French Accent ” is to give you the opportunity to discover and fully appreciate CURRENT French culture: media, artists, music, films, celebrities, books, habits, customs, ways of living, etc… In recent years, a new wave of French musicians and actors has flourished. Knowing what is being read, listened to, seen on TV, and done TODAY will give you the necessary elements to start or to join in a conversation with any French person.

Since understanding spoken French is the most challenging aspect of the language, it motivated us to think about creating a totally new “live” magazine with audio! Most French learners are able to formulate questions but understanding the reply is another story!! Why? Because the sounds of the French language are extremely different from those in English, and it takes constant repetition and many, many hours of listening in order to gain a comfortable level of understanding. With the help of “ French Accent ” , you will be able to listen to most articles and to every role play whether you are located in France or in any other part of the world. The idea is to read the article in French while you are listening to it. Pay attention to the meaning of the words and the pronunciation ! Again, we focus mainly on vocabulary used TODAY in the streets of France.

The team of “ French Accent ” is also concerned about environmental issues and will allocate many articles to various questions. We are pleased to say that our magazine is only available online, thus saving some priceless trees!

The overall objective of “ French Accent ” is to provide you with information that will be useful on an everyday life basis in France and to help you raise your comprehension and comfort level of your French learning. In an attempt to make the questions and advice in the magazine as beneficial to as many as possible, we encourage you to send us any questions you need answers to or any experiences or advice you would like to share regarding your own integration in France or about the language!!

Discover, enjoy, learn and share…

French Accent Magazine - December 06
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