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Improve your French Listening Comprehension!

Short Stories books with audio
For French Learners
(Intermediate and Advanced)

With Glossaries, Grammar Tips, Cultural Notes, Exercises
and Full Audio for Each Story

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Our editorial team at Learn French at Home and French Accent magazine has just published these great e-books / books (with audio) for French learners!

Shrort French stories cover   Shrort French stories cover
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As French teachers, we always like to recommend French books to our students, but most of them are too difficult for them to understand fully, which can lead to considerable discouragement or frustration. Therefore, we decided to publish a collection of short suspense stories with vocabulary glossaries sprinkled throughout the text, along with complete audio recordings of each story. The readers will have the option of listening to the entire story and, thus, improving their listening comprehension. The glossaries will make the reading more enjoyable as the student won't have to spend time looking up definitions in a dictionary. Compared to other stories that have been published with the objective of helping students learn French, these well-crafted stories are more exciting, even suspenseful, to read because each of them ends with a surprising twist that will bring a smile to the reader's face.

These books are a new series of publications by Languages at Home. They also complement the French lessons by Skype that we have been providing since 2004 to more than 3,000 students through our main online school: Learn French at Home.

    The 12 short suspense stories (per book) that you will find in this new collection have all been previously published in the Petites histoires section in various issues of our magazine French Accent. We have added much longer and more detailed glossaries, grammar tips and cultural notes, together with exercises for each story, with answers in French.

    They are especially suited and designed for intermediate and advanced students. Reading these stories is an excellent way to learn more vocabulary, especially idiomatic expressions, and to familiarize yourself with the way French people express certain feelings in their everyday language.

   The books are available in two different formats: a printed version, and an e-book version where you will be able to listen to the full audio of each story.
With the purchase of the paper version, you will receive the ebook for free.