Testimonial from Kathy,
living in the Cognac area in France.

1) Wanting to speak French is of prime importance.
I needed to improve my French as I only had a basic high school foundation
which was pretty rusty to say the least. I found Celine's number in The
French News, a monthly English paper for expatriates which has proven to be
very useful. My only regret is that I didn't start my lessons earlier when
I was toing and froing between France and the UK. I have since discovered
how easy it is to receive my French lessons wherever I am in the world!

2) Learning to listen to the spoken French word.
Celine's method of teaching French over the telephone has helped me to train
my ear to listen instead of just trying to get by with guessing what is
being said from the speaker's gestures and intimations.

3) Learning to speak French.
By speaking on the telephone with Celine, my confidence in speaking French
has improved. I have to concentrate a lot more to make myself understood
and not just throw out words and point at objects.

4) Learning from your homework.
I feel it is very important to do your homework regularly. It not only
improves your writing and comprehension abilities but it is also funny how
often the things you have just been studying come up in your everyday life.
Celine introduces lots of French idioms which help one to speak French
colloquially. It really opens up the French language for you.

5) Practicing your French.
a) Visit the vide-greniers and the brocantes in your area. A great way to
learn how to "haggle" in French and to get some bargains at the same time!
b) Join some activity in your village/community that matches your
interests. Luckily, there is a "gym" class twice a week at my village hall
and it has been a great way to meet my neighbours, speak some French and get
c) Support your local markets and producers. You will find out the French
names for all the things you like and be surprised how much effort people
will make to help you fill your needs.
d) Most of the cafes have local papers available for customers. Why not
sit down, have a refreshment, and improve your vocabulary. Or you can
purchase some French magazines and find out more about the French way of
life. I've read some interesting articles and picked up some delicious
receipes using local ingredients.

6) Living in France.
The best advice I can think of for living in France is to enjoy yourself.
Have fun learning, listening, and speaking French. Don't be afraid to try
and speak and you will be surprised at how willing the French are to help.
It is so exciting to live in another country and be able to learn something
new everyday!